Southern Charm

It was a busy week in the tater world this past week! We started out in Florida and made our way to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a day off. On our day off, we celebrated #TaterTwin Jessica’s 25th birthday (I know, she’s getting pretty old). The #taterteam explored the town and enjoyed some good ol’ southern cajun food! The next morning, we made a short pit-stop at Capitol City Produce before leaving Baton Rouge. We were greeted with excitement by all of the employees and given a tour of the entire facility. We also got some cool drone shots and video of us “loading in” the potato into the warehouse for fun! One of the employees, Chris, had seen us driving down the road the day before and told us that we made his entire week with our stop. We loved bringing the potato to more fans and to a company that works so closely with the Idaho Potato Commission.

Drone shot at Capitol City Produce!


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