The Tater Team will miss these days!

In three days the Tater Team will arrive back home in Boise, Idaho! For the last seven months and four days the team has never left the Big Idaho Potato and in three days they will return to a much more normal (and much less exciting) life. Although the Big Idaho Potato will be in hibernation for the winter, while making local appearances around the beautiful state of Idaho.

Paul the driver will return home just in time to start coaching his sons third grade basketball team. I hope to hear that his sons team name is “The Fighting Idaho Potatoes!”

Kristie has a busy schedule ahead as she plans to reconnect with her very pretty puppy Roxy before jetting off to Hawaii and building one of her world famous tiny houses.

I will be looking for employment in the Boise area using the numerous skills that I have developed during this tour. Before settling down too quickly I will be enjoying the beautiful shores of Oahu over Christmas with my family and venturing to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with my best friend. I guess I just can’t shake the travel bug that the tour has provided me.

Summarizing the last seven and a half in a blog post would be nearly impossible and is something that will take years for me to do. I want to apologize in advance to anyone I come in contact with for the next decade of my life because they will hear about all of the memories made on this tour.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed following along on Facebook, Twitter and our blog. It has been a great adventure and I am glad you all were along for the journey!



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