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At the end of the tour we usually get asked a few standard questions.  The one most prevalently asked, “What was your favorite destination on the tour?”  This is also probably the hardest question to answer because there are so many different stops along the way that make for such a fun tour.  Last year there was one in particular that made a huge impact in my own life.  This year I hate to jump the gun, but this week I had the same rush of emotion and feeling that I received when we stopped in Crew Virginia to see a little boy by the name of Jacob Walker who has been diagnosed IMG_20160428_110900with a rare form of dwarfism.  His energy and spirit of happiness is absolutely contagious.

This week we had the opportunity to meet another very impactful individual whose heart is the size of New York.  She goes by the name of Roxanne and she packs a mighty punch! She suffered from a silent heart attack about 10 years ago leaving her in dire need of a heart transplant.  Her gift of life came July 6th 2010 and she hasn’t stopped helping change lives ever since.IMG_20160428_112826

We rolled into Rockland CommunityCollege like celebrities being called the “Tater Dudes” right from the start.  After receiving my warm heartfelt hug from Roxanne I knew this event would be different from any other event.  Our charity we were supporting was called Live On NY and our focus was to help Roxanne and Live On NY sign up as many people as we could to become organ donors.

The event ended up being a huge success, to put it lightly.   Zumba, Singing, Dancing, Eating and Potato Selfies were all a part of the fun.  By the end of the event 200 people signed up to become Organ Donors.  Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for being a chili judge sampling over 40 different styles of chili and putting my palate to the test, but 20 years from now I think the impact Roxanne made on not only me,but every individual that stepped foot on campus that day will be remembered!



The Tater Dudes

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