A trip through the Tetons

The Tetons

Normally the Big Idaho Potato takes one route through Wyoming on it’s quest to head back to the East.  Interstate 80 is by far the most efficient route and thus has always been our number one choice for maximum mileage versus the time it takes. This week however, we listened to Tater Twin number 1, (aka Kaylee,) and took a much more scenic route; Highway 26. Highway 26 travels through one of the beautiful mountainous areas of Idaho and Wyoming, from Interstate 15 near Idaho Falls via Highway 20 and on into central Wyoming. We snapped a few great shots, got some traveling footage for a future video, and best of all got to stop in Dubois Wyoming.

Grand Tetons

In Dubois, the town set us up in the park with plenty of room for pictures and a small event. We had a few kids come out for a game of “Potato Says,” (think, “Simon Says,”) and we gave a little presentation regarding what we were and how much fun we were having. This was all set up by Kaylee’s Grandma and Grandpa, Becky and Alan Werner. Becky and Alan are Residents of Dubois and were a bonus of this more scenic route. We had a day off planned the very next day in Council Bluffs Iowa, but took it off here instead. There was adventure to be had riding four wheelers around with Kaylee’s Grandpa Alan, (a former back country LEO,) acting as our tour guide. We got to see Grizzly Bears…scat…(aka poopie) and Wolf…tracks. We also saw a small herd of Elk and several small groups of antelopes.  (sorry, didn’t see the Uncles.) We enjoyed a few home cooked meals and of course enjoyed our time with Becky and Alan who treated us all like family. We are planning another trip through and I think we’ve decided to take a few more detours next year rather than the same old trip down interstate 80. We usually use all of our time going to events and rarely have extra hours for such excursions.

Spuddy Buddy with fans!

After too little time in Dubois, which is an awesome little tourist spot in so many ways from it’s beautiful location in the mountains to it’s art, food, and local hospitality, we had to head east. We took off finishing up our new route through a more scenic part of Wyoming than normal and went off  to learn how the best Potato Chips were made. When we say “Best,” we really mean it. The Billy Goat Chip Company in St. Louis, MO, is the absolute “BEST!!!” They use only Idaho Russet Potatoes, cooked at a low temperature and capture so much flavor that you’ve never enjoyed a better dipless chip. You would never use dip for these as you’re only masking the flavor of greatness. We did a smaller event there and even had a visit with Spuddy Buddy, (who of course stayed far away from the Potato Chip machine.) We had a few hours to spend with them and got a tour of their very efficient factory/warehouse/sales department. It was not only the recipe for greatness in flavor but also seemed to be the recipe for greatness in small business. We were really impressed with the whole operation and totally in love with the Idaho Potato Chips.

The Billy Goat Chip Factory

After spending a few hours trying to convince the Billy Goat Chip Company to relocate to our home town of Boise Idaho, it was time to head out to Crossville, Tennessee for another serving of “A Big Helping.” We tied in with “A Healthier Tennessee,” and partnered up with Crossville’s own Fire Department, local Police, a few venders and of course had a Blood Donation bus. We got to also meet with the group that help keep this part of Tennessee in shape, Wellness Complex. The Wellness Complex helps by providing a low cost fitness center to all health care workers, patients of the local hospital, and free fitness to recovering Breast Cancer patients. They hope to expand that type of coverage in the future, to include other types of patients. We had our first event hosted billboard advert, with a billboard right next to the event cycling our image through. We of course got a picture of it with the truck.

Billboard for our truck!

The team then took a side trip to Nashville for another hard earned day off. We split up a bit there while the Tater Twins worked on their knowledge of Country Music with a trip through the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum and #andLarry worked on his ability to sleep till noon. (He was tuckered out from too much Tater Twin Exposure.)  They then grouped back up for a night out on the town seeing all the live bands and even performing a bit of Karaoke themselves. Kaylee is an up and coming Country Music Star. This was one a perfect ending to another perfect week with the Big Idaho Potato.

Posted by Jessica, written by #andLarry

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