A Week on the Southern Coast


We don’t always get to brag about getting large amounts of time off. The weeks have been mostly filled with work-like requirements. Ok, not many would ever consider what we do as being work, that much is granted. We do however, usually have places to be and things to do. Sure, those places and things are fun and generally are events filled with really neat people. Certainly there have also been many days we’ve gotten to explore some really cool, historic, or perhaps just naturally beautiful places. All of this is true, without question. However, when one compares the idea of spending most of your days at the beach… Well…


Yes, we have had fun in the sun, spending beach time in both southern Alabama as well as in Destin Florida. (Spoiled are we? Spoiled we are.) In southern Alabama we got some much needed maintenance done on the tractor. Yes, some of the responsibilities revolve around preventative maintenance. Making sure things wont go wrong while driving down the highway. We also took a ride with the potato, to see some of the creatures who were around back when all potato’s grew this big. admittedly, I’m no pale aunt tall a jest, but I think I know a thing or two about Dinosaurs. Well, I do now. Yes Dinosaurs were on our agenda, like license plates on a scavenger hunt. We sought out a place that had a few different types, running around in the wilds. We found a few, but they were all in such awe of the Big Idaho Potato, that they simply just froze. It was quite a sight, as our pictures can attest. We also found the time to visit the Great Stonehenge. Well, it may have been an exact replica, albeit painstakingly aligned to the solstice here in the Barber Marina. It was a fun place to imagine, a civilization long ago, capable of putting together such a marvelous feet of architecture. Hopefully nobody got hurt making either, as those stones are huge. We also saw Knights in the forest, though they seemed quite petrified, presumably by the sight of the Big Idaho Potato.


There was also a beautiful fountain on a round about, built for trucks our size. Not only was the fountain gorgeous, but so was that wonderful space for turning. Driving around as much as we do, in a vehicle that’s as wide as ours is, one learns to appreciate space. Sadly we missed another denizen, “Our Lady of the Lake.” It seems that she’d taken leave of the lake and was hanging out in a boat yard, out of sight. Alabama was nice, the people were nicer, and off we went to Florida.


We spent our first day admiring the gorgeous white sand beaches, with the blue and green hued waters. Words just don’t do those things justice. It’s no wonder Florida is such a haven for retirees. I would love to retire here too. We took time to visit Eglin Air Base, hanging out at the Commissary. Jose, Zach, and the others, were an absolute pleasure to work with. The weather threatened to turn ugly, at one point, but the storm passed us by, with little more then a grumble. We weren’t the only ones to visit, however. Spuddy Buddy made a surprise showing. It seemed that Jose new how to get ahold of the Spudster and coaxed him into making an appearance. Spuddy Buddy is always a hit with the crowd. It’s always nice to be around our Nations finest, our military men and women. I can’t think of a better group of people to hang out with. We also got to see the Weiner Mobile, which is always a fun sight.


Our last day was again spent on the beach. I’m not sure how tan we all were able to get, but I think I’ve absorbed enough salt water, to aide in the desalination of the Gulf of Mexico. Needless to say, we’ve had a wonderful week. As always, it’s a pleasure to be on the team, hanging out in such fun ways. There’s no doubt that we’ll miss a summer in Boise Idaho, but at least we wont be bored doing it.


I hope everyone who wanted to, got a chance to see and photograph the Big Idaho Potato. We will be back in Florida soon, can’t wait to se you then.


Larry the Driver


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