And That’s a Wrap!

Spuddy Buddy wearing Miss Idaho's sash!

This week the tour 2018 came to an end! The Tater Tater team started the week off in Rochester, MN with an event at Hy-Vee’s grocery store! The team had a great time at the store and even had a potato peeling contest against the assistant manager, Brett. It was a spudtacular event and we had a fun time meeting the fans and locals!  The next day the team set off cross country back to their Idahome! The team made some unique tourist stops on their way! They stopped at the world’s largest ear of corn in Rochester, then they stopped by the “Jolly Green Giant” in Blue Earth and visited Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota! It so much fun traveling in America and seeing all that is out there. You never know what you’re going to find out on the road, but leave it to the Tater Team to find it! 

Spuddy Buddy at Mt. Rushmore!

After our cross country trip we arrived in our Idahome! On our way to Boise we drove through potato country in Eastern Idaho! We drove past potato farms that were harvesting spuds! Did you know that we harvest 13 billion pounds of potatoes a year, and we produced 1/3rd of Americas potatoes! Idaho® Potato farmers work hard year round to make it happen! We’re so thankful to all the hardworking farmers that we represent!

Upon arriving in Boise the Tater team was invited to go live on the “Six On Your Side,” morning show! We were asked to talk about the tour and the upcoming event called Potato Polooza! We had a blast at the station and even got to meet the whole morning team and watch the behind the scene of the morning show! It was a warm welcome back home and we were glad the invited us to interview! 

Spuddy Buddy wearing Miss Idaho’s sash!

The next day we had Potato Palooza at the newly renovated Albertsons on Broadway ! It was so nice to be back in our home town and to see our spud buds from the Idaho Potato Commission! We had a frytastic event and we were even joined by Miss Idaho who placed 10th in the National Competition! Dr. Potato was also there and answered everyone’s burning potato questions! In addition, the Idaho Potato Commission partnered up with the Idaho Foodbank and donated a 5 Ib. Bag for every 5 Ib. that was purchased! There was a steady flow of specTATERS throughout the day and multiple Idaho Food bloggers and influencers stopped by to see our 4-ton spud! It was a great way to end our 2018 tour!


Idaho® Potato Display!


Although our 2018 Summer Tour is officially over we still have some exciting things coming up! Tater Twin Kaylee and Jessica will be posting some new fun videos soon so keep your eyes on our pages! In addition, we will be attending some off season events! This year we will be going to Eastern Idaho for Ag fest at the end of October! Then we will be going to San Diego for Fleet Week! Following that we will be going to the World Food Championship in Orange Beach! 

Thank you for following our 2018 Adventure! Bye for now!

Tater Twin



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