Awesome Randomness

It has been said “that without randomness, life would not be worth living.” Ok, I just made that up but if you really stop and think about it, how true of statement is that?

We encounter some pretty random moments on this tour and so often they end up being some of our favorite moments of our stops. I encountered one of these moments during our recent visit to Cincinnati, Ohio. We had a excellent time in Cincinnati and surrounding cities raising support and awareness for Meals on Wheels but my favorite moment happened around midnight on our third night there.

I was in my room at the Holiday Inn in Blue Ash, Ohio and I received a text from a good friend who lives outside of Nashville, Tennessee and all it said was “I am at your hotel” obviously I was very confused and thought he meant to text another Tyler in his phone. After exchanging a few confused text messages, I finally figured out that he was literally at my hotel. They happened to be driving through Blue Ash, Ohio on their way to Kings Island (an amusement park located close by) when they saw the potato! It’s pretty hard not to notice and seeing how there is only one of us, he instantly knew that he had hit jackpot! I equated it to the Batman signed that flew in the air so people would know he was needed. I was able to see a dear friend of mine and spend time with him until the wee hours of the morning.

We know that many of you have had the ultimate moment of “awesome randomness” as we have stopped at a event you attended, driven along side of you or brought it to your normal lunchtime stop. We treasure the ability to bring you awesomeness randomness to brighten your day, but it was awesome that every once in awhile the Big Idaho Potato can bring the tater team some as well!

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