best and worst of 2011

Chris Schofield and Sharolyn Rae Spruce, Owners – Schofield Design, Weiser, Idaho
Schofield Design built the Tater Truck for Foerstel’s client, Idaho Potato Commission, and their worst and best all took place during the construction of the potato truck!

Sharolyn goes into preterm labor (six weeks early), delaying the potato truck’s first  debut

Sharolyn spent 17 days in the  NICU with little Khaya

Liam (our 2-year-old) takes a fall inside the door of the potato, going head-first onto a sharp steel plate…which led to an ER visit, three stitches and a CT scan–thankfully, he’s got a tough head like his daddy

Speaking of Chris, his ankles aren’t as tough as his head…he fell off the tater and sprained his ankle, which swelled up huge and turned black

Our dear old dog, Spud (seriously, that’s his name), died while Sharolyn was having our baby in the hospital – he was 10 years old

And the Best!…


Our beautiful daughter, Khaya Jade, made her appearance–an unforgettable one at that

We got to build the world’s largest potato, of course – what an awesome experience!


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