Body, Mind, Spirit, and Hamburger (W/ Idaho Potatoes)

Surprise guest, Mama Bear
Wyckoff YMCA Rec center.

Wyckoff, NJ hosts a YMCA camp at Spring Lake. The Wyckoff Family YMCA is reaching out to the residents of northern New Jersey, providing services and activities which help people regardless of age, sex, race, or religion to develop in body, mind, and spirit. We joined over 900 campers at this particular facility, to share our #It’sReal #BigIdahoPotato. Why call them campers, you might ask? Because this facility looks just like a great big urban area campground. It has an outdoor man made lake/pool and large outdoor areas of grass. This is complimented by larger buildings housing the better known version of a YMCA, with indoor pool, exercise rooms, classrooms and more. We hosted story time, talked about who we were, had dancing, “Potato Says,” and more. The 900 were kids from age two all the way up to around the seventh grade. The older kids merely got a taste of the #It’sReal #BigIdahoPotato though, as they were whisked away right after we showed up. We still got to spend some quality time with the other 600. Safe to say, the #TaterTwins got to experience parenting on a large scale. (#AndLarry is already a dad.)

Larry reading the enormous potato to little tater tots!

The next few days were our journey from New Jersey through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois on our way to Seymour Wisconsin. The #It’sReal #BigIdahoPotato is always on display and turned heads the whole way. Pennsylvania and Ohio tend to not allow loads like our 12 foot wide Idaho Spud on their interstate travel routes, so we got to spend a bit of time trying to fit it into 10 foot wide lanes. #AndLarry did an almost “Super Human” job navigating those back routes we were pushed upon. This reporters view is that he is the most amazing guy and should be greeted with much reverence and perhaps even with gifts. (He likes 24 carat gold.) He safely navigated us on our journey smiling all the way at passersby as they quickly grabbed their camera/phones to try and prove to their friends that they weren’t crazy. As stressful as that might sound though, he did have the #TaterTwins to provide a bit of “There there, there there.”


We arrived safely in Seymour Wisconsin just in time for Burger Fest 2017 themed “Happy Days.”  Our #It’sReal #BigIdahoPotato survived the Fest where a ginormous Hamburger was made for the enjoyment of all. (People kept thinking we were delivering the appropriate ingredient for the “side of fries.”)  The 190 pound Hamburger was served at  3pm for a late lunch/early dinner, (which is fine, because meals that large take a while to digest.) There was a Balloon rally, a Fun Pros Bouncy house for kids, a burger eating contest, and even a giant ketchup slide. Our #It’sReal #BigIdahoPotato was also there for the Parade down Main Street. This particular parade had a street lined with small town houses with front porches. The #TaterTwins showed off their wrangling skills by riding the #It’sReal #BigIdahoPotato all through town.

TaterTwin Jessica, showing the Side Saddle method.


The week was an exciting one to say the least, but no week recap can be complete without some cool special guest. Someone who adds savior faire, or that certain special symbol of status to any occasion which lends a higher level of said status to all goers. Who better than our very own #MamaBear? That’s right, #MamaBear made a surprise visit to check on the team, enjoy some Hamburgers, and of course eat some Idaho Fries. We got to host her in our Parade and test her meddle on the Ketchup Slide. (Disclaimer, nobody actually did the slide because we all needed to stay clean and really…how clean can one be, covered in condiment?) #MomaBear stayed with us for the weekend to help us with a few things including the #TaterTwins push to capture the attention of a certain #Ellenshow. The #TaterTwins set high goals, but I think they have what it takes and we all love #Ellen. #MamaBear also came to insure the #TaterTwins and #AndLarry finish up the tour strong and stay ready for the 2018 #It’sReal #BigIdahoPotato tour. Much ado about Idaho Potato Love and #AbigHelping. Stay tuned though because next week might, (if we’re lucky), Eclipse this one.


Larbear Extraordinaire


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