Celebrities at Heart


We manage to spot our hotel from the freeway and make the wide turn down the road to where we will be spending the night on our way to Septemberfest.  Larry looks in the mirror only to see a line of cars following us to our parking spot.  If this was our first week on tour this would have been a huge surprise, but now that it’s been 4 and half months it’s sort of a regular occurrence.  Ellis Jumps out of the cab and bolts into the store to get permission for parking as Larry and I get out feeling like rock stars.   Now this is obviously a little smaller scale than Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus but the feeling of people swarm the truck with pictures being snapped is definitely a feeling a fame.



All across the country we have people approach the truck with a smile on their face and a friendly gesture.  Pictures are taken, laughs are shared, and friendships are made.  At many events we feel as if we are the star of the show.  Jeannene Voth-Walterscheid says “You guys are awesome! Thanks for bringing that Pretty Kenworth to Galveston Island! Have a safe and happy 4th of July! BTW, you guys made the parade!!”  Now if that doesn’t give you a good feeling inside about what you’re doing and the job that we have I don’t know what does?  The Events are the main reason why we travel across the country.   Bringing A Big Helping to whoever we can along the way and having a blast at the various events that we have scheduled is just a perk of the job.


Even though the events are the main concern I think there’s an underlying importance that’s even more fun! We have a saying that states “the truck never sleeps and it’s always working” Well its true from the first example of us pulling up to our hotel for the night that people are always amazed at what a sight we have created.  It’s definitely a compliment to the artist who have put in many hours of sweat and creative thinking for how many people it attracts.  Even though we feel like the stars, the potato is definitely the main attraction.  Not only do we have people approaching us at events but I think it’s even more fun when people interact on the road.  Pablo Garcia says “Saw the truck headed up to Santa Barbara this morning and Stephani Garcia about lost her mind when she saw it. IT’S REAL!” Patrick Tanksley says “Saw Yall going north on I-85 today in North Georgia! Between the Pendergrass and Dry Pond Rd. exits!”


Even though I’ve come to a new understanding of why we are on the road and what we really do, it really never gets old seeing a smile on someone’s face or interacting with someone who witnesses the truck for the very first time.  I’ve come across a lot of people with very interesting and fun occupations but I do have to say this is going in the books for me as the best job in the world!  It’s sad that we have to put the potato back to sleep for the winter in just two weeks, but we’ve definitely had a great run for the fourth year out on the road! Now to finish strong with Septemberfest this weekend!

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