Combining Passions

I have few passions in my life. As I have gotten older these passions have changed but some of these passions have remained ever constant. Church has been the most important passion of mine for as long as I can remember and I would not have it any other way. The second ever present passion in my life has been sports. Sports have allowed to me to feel the utmost excitement and the heartbreak of all heartbreak. I wouldn’t have this any other way (although Kristie has never understood this!).

This tour has allowed me to rediscover my passion for sports. Now you ask, how is that possible?!? Aren’t you traveling the country with a potato?!? That is a very true statement. One of the main questions we get asked is “Do you guys get days off?” The answer to the question is yes, well most weeks. We each chose to do different things with the time we have from the truck. Krisite finds a local fabric store and sews dresses and I look for local sporting events to attend. So far I have been able to attend an Indiana Pacers playoff game (with Paul), a Washington Nationals baseball game, a United States Men’s National Team soccer game in Salt Lake City and among others a NASCAR race in Bristol, Tennessee this weekend. I have hit all of the major sports, MLB, NBA, NFL, soccer and NASCAR, minus hockey.

Why do I tell you about my love for sports and all the awesome things that I get to do while on the Big Idaho Potato Tour? It is so you too can combine your passions. A new found passion of mine is traveling. I mean I have always enjoyed seeing new places but this job takes that passion to a whole new level. I have been able to combine my passions for sports and traveling and it is something that I will deeply cherish from this tour. Maybe your passions are food and family. Combine them and have a monthly family cookout. Maybe your passions are serving and people, serve at a local homeless shelter and combine them! While not only having the time of my life traveling the country and having such a great time including at sporting events, I have learn to seize the opportunity to maximize my passions by combining them and seeing what happens, and it has been very worthwhile! Try it and see!

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