Fun New Changes For the 2015 Tour



If you’ve been following the adventures and developments of the Big Idaho Potato Tour over the past four years, you have probably grown accustomed to the small changes that are made from tour to tour.  You may notice a new team member, a new charity partner or, if you are really observant, slight changes in our wardrobes! But this year takes the cake as far as new and exciting changes. To help you better understand what the Big Idaho Potato Tour has evolved into, I am highlighting some of the fun new features you can expect to see from us this year!

The New

Two new team members

We’ve got two fresh new faces on tour this year. Phylliss and Adam were recruited for the two open spots and they bring a lot to the table. Phylliss has been driving since 1990 and has some serious skills and a personality the size of the potato! Adam left the corporate fitness world to get out and see the country. He is a ‘Native Tater’ and enjoys spontaneous workouts at rest stops.


First female driver

You may have noticed that our new driver is ‘PHYLLISS’! We are excited to announce that she is not only the female component to the tater team, but the first female driver of the Big Idaho Potato Truck! All this week while traveling to Kentucky women have been getting stoked to see Phylliss easily maneuvering our mighty spud.

The ambassador formally known as ‘Ivan’ is back to ‘Ellis’

This is a long, confusing story that no one back at the office likes to talk about. After a year full of tongue-twisting headaches, the veteran ambassador is back as his previous self… Did that even make sense?

Somehow someone was able to get a GPS tracking unit on our big spud! It is only a matter of time now before that pesky Idaho Potato Farmer finds us out! We don’t mind if you guys look but be sure not to tell him. You can watch us travel about the country in REALTIME at

Missing Potato Hotline

Mark, the real Idaho Potato Farmer, set up a hotline that you can call to report the truck. If you happen to see it, and feel like being a tattletale, you can call 844-BigIdaho and leave him a detailed message about where we are at and what we were up to!

New Tractor

Did you notice? The truck pulling the trailer is much taller, wider and newer than the one we had for the first three years. It’s got a lot of great features, which we will be highlighting, in a ‘soon-to-come’ video!

New Charity Program

After three amazing years of working with Meals On Wheels and the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Movement, we have decided to give directly back to the communities that are opening their roads to us. We will be serving a ‘Big Helping’ all over America as we bring potatoes, funds, and awareness to great local causes.


With all the talk about the ‘new’ stuff I would just like to close out by emphasizing two of the best things that haven’t changed! Idaho Potatoes are still a certified heart healthy food by the American Heart Association, and the Big Idaho Potato Tour will continue to spread joy and make smiles all across these United States.

Keep truckin’ everyone! And thanks for following along.


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