Grateful for Sunshine, Idaho Potatoes and More!

This last week and a half has found the tater team in the Sunshine State, Florida! We had a fabulous times at our events which included visiting the commissary at Eglin Air Force Base, parking the truck at the DoubleTree Downtown Orlando, a visit to Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum and visiting Datz Deli in Tampa. Up and down Florida, we continued to be met with excitement at each and every stop!

While at the commissary on Eglin Air Force Base over the Memorial Day weekend, it was our honor and privilege to bring the Big Idaho Potato to the families that are currently protecting our freedom and brighten the veterans who have sacrificed so much for this great country. I stopped a took a moment during this event and realized that the veterans and active duty service men and women we were meeting directly contributed the the very principals that allow the tater team to travel the country. In many, many countries the use of social media is prohibited and advertising of any sort is non-existent. It is because of the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces, that we have the ability to make this tour possible and this event was truly special because we were putting the smiles of the faces of the service people and their families you do so much more than the tater team ever  good. To everyone who has served or currently serving in our military, thank you!

We were grateful in a different way as we rolled into Tampa to visit Datz Deli. The instant you arrived the energy displayed by the staff of Datz Deli was fantastic! They welcomed us with wide open arms and provided a great few hours while with them. Datz Deli uses over 3,000 lbs of Idaho Potatoes a WEEK just to make their potato chips (which are literally the BEST chips I have ever had). The owners, Roger and Suzanne, treated us to lunch and we were very impressed with both the food and the service at Datz. It was truly an amazing event, with a great group of people!

Keep following along on our journey, we love to hear where you see us!

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