Greatest Job Ever?

It has been told to us on this tour, many times, that the tater team has the coolest job ever. While I agree with this statement this job is much more than the “coolest job ever.”  While the movies and media may bring attention to people who do not like their jobs or are looking for a constant switch, there are plenty of people of there like the tater team who wouldn’t trade their job for anything!

I think the reason for this is simple and it all comes down to excitement! Each and every day we wake up knowing that our job will be different and exciting whether its the National Harbor Food and Wine Festival, the Five Guys corporate event or making a stop at a local grocery store (all of which was accomplished in the last week) that tater team does it with excitement. Can you imagine running into a grumpy and tired tater team!? Neither can we!! We make an deliberate effort to bring the joy and honor that we have to a town near you. We have this excitement because we get to drive around the country promoting an awesome cause, Meals on Wheels, and an awesome product, Famous Idaho Potatoes. We get to see the country and run into many of you and that brings us all the excitement in the world!

What brings your excitement in the workplace or at school? Although we are still doing our job, we get EXCITED about it. I encourage you to pursue something that you too can get excited about! For me it was combining my love to talk to people with my desire to travel the country. Maybe you want to go back to school and get that graduate degree, maybe its turning your excitement about drawing into a painting business. Whatever it is , get excited about it, because as the tater team will tell you, having a job with excitement is awesome.


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