How well do you know your Idaho?

Idaho is known for it’s potatoes, it’s true; but did you know that Idaho also produces about 85% of all commercial trout sold in the U.S.? Idaho is also number one in Lentils and Austrian Winter peas.   Producing more than 70 types of precious and semi-precious stones, lent unto Idaho it’s nickname, “The Gem State.”   With about 3,100 miles of rivers, Idaho has more miles of river than any other State. More than 60% of Idaho is public land, with almost 2.25 million acres being comprised of the Frank Church River Of No Return Wilderness. Skiing is also a major part of Idaho, with somewhere around a dozen resorts scattered throughout the State. There may be a lot about Idaho that you might not know, but wouldn’t it be fun to see how well you can identify various places within? Just a side note here, Idaho borders 6 other States as well as Canada. With so many neighbors you can bet we share a feature or two from Yellowstone to Hells Canyon, with one or more of our neighbors…yes, Idaho likes to share.

Can you identify which name below, goes with which picture?  You may not have to search the Internet if you really know your Idaho.

What other parts of Idaho paint a beautiful picture? If you have a view you’d like to share, please post it on our Facebook page.



(A) Boise State University      (B) Bay View Marina    

(C) Geyser at Soda Springs   (D) Shoshone Falls    

(C) TheCoeur d’Alene Resort    (D) Craters of the Moon   

(F) Bruneau Sand Dunes      (I)  Hells Canyon













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