Makin Macon Hungry…for a Big Idaho Potato!


The Pinkest Party on Earth

Larbear joins the Street Breakz

Macon Georgia is famous for a lot of things, but the annual International Cherry Blossom Festival is known world wide as the Pinkest party on Earth. Festival goers are encouraged to wear pink in celebration as Macon is the Cherry Blossom capital of the world. (According to this reporters sources.) The Big Idaho Potato joined the ten day festivities, already underway. (We’re just too popular to stay in any one place for the whole ten days.) Setting up in the food court near the main stage, the Spud made festival goers hungry for Idaho Potatoes. Music and dancing graced the main stage with acts performing almost twelve hours straight. Even Spuddy Buddy had a chance to jump on stage and do a bit of break dancing. (Look for that video to be released soon.) A Big Helping made a big showing as well, this time representing the Farmers of Idaho making a donation to Macon’s local Good Will. All the names were written in differing shades of pink to maintain Festival Theme correctness. (That’s right, Larry’s name is now signed in Pink.)


There were many other things to do at the Festival. From magic shows and motorcycle cage rides, to amusement park rides. The Big Idaho Potato had Potato Hole contests for prizes too. There was lot’s to eat and the weekend weather was in the perfect low 70’s that Spring is always hoped to bring. After a week of cold weather, the Taterteam was ready for just such an outdoor experience. (Word has it that the People of Macon were also done with the cold weather storms of late.) The festivities ended with an impressive Fireworks show which I’m pretty sure is what makes the Cherry trees Blossom. (…but I’m no botanist.)

The Big Idaho Potato enjoyed it’s time in Macon for the last half of this International event. People still ask if the Big Idaho Potato is real and Larry (Larbear,) is always more than happy to reply, “It’s as Real as it can be.”

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