Musical in Illinois


We’ve been to quite a few Festivals and Celebrations over the course of this years Big Idaho Potato tour. There have been a large number of really good music at all of them. We certainly wouldn’t want to detract any respect nor enjoyment from those other bands. They have all been fairly good, with a few of them really standing out as great. This Decatur Celebration, 2014, had something different, however. We got to enjoy both a taste of the local sounds as well as hear from old favorites like, “Salt n’ Pepa,” “Joan Jett and the Blackhearts,” and “Jo Dee Messina.” There were some new ones too, new to the main stream that is. Performers such as, “Ruben Studdard,” “Jamie Grace,” “Space Cappone,” and “Royal Tailor,” brought us their take on sounds, which were both refreshing and pleasant. There was even a band which reminded me that there were greats in music which I never got to see or hear, live. I’m talking about the Misty mountain hop, being performed as though you were really there, with the original artist. This time however, it was a band named, “Led Zepplica.” This celebration was held in the heart of down town Decatur. It came complete with the afore mentioned music, carnival style rides, a petting zoo of reptiles, a parade, and really great food.
The parade was filled with people both watching as well as participating. This is a neat way to get a feel for the flavor of the people that live in a particular land. These parades showcase the local talents as well as the local pride. It’s always an honor to participate along side such momentous occasions. The rides were a mix of mild to exciting, fun for all ages. The smell of the vendor’s foods cooking, washed down the streets, easily convincing us that we didn’t have to stick to normal routines. We could eat again and again. Although there was a bit of heat for the festival, there was a rain shower which not only cooled us down, but would have put out any fire. You know it rained on you, when even your underwear gets wet.
We couldn’t resist seeing one of the other attractions there, including 21 Film Project screening movies, a hot dog eating contest, and the arts and crafts, such as face painting and street art. There were Pageants and a Kids Block too, but we were old for one and too ugly for the other. (we wont say which was which)
We weren’t the only Big attraction there, however. There was this man, who decided that he wanted to make a house out of a log. What kind of log would make a nice house? Well, only a Giant Redwood tree, particularly “Allen’s Original Red Wood Log House.”

It took some time, finding a place big enough to get some photos of the Log house with the Potato. Jamie, the owner of the Log house, built by her Grandfather, was nice enough to come to us. They looked good together, for sure.
We spent that latter part of that segment of our tour, helping another “Texas Roadhouse” with yet another food drive. Texas Road house does an excellent job of helping with your local charity drives. Don’t hesitate to call them to see if they can help. Good food and good causes go hand in hand.
Finally we decided the Big Idaho Potato, needed a relaxing weekend. What better way could one relax on a weekend than to go camping. Where would a Big Idaho Potato get to camp, you might ask? Well, with the Boy Scouts, of course. The Potato visited Romeoville, Illinois, to try and earn it’s Aviation Merit badge, alongside scouts from across the Midwest. We learned about everything the field of aviation has to offer. There was even a band here too.
All in all this was a very exciting week and one that showcased Illinois and it’s people. Hopefully we will get to come back and visit these places and the people, again.


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