Pit Stops and Travel Centers

In the 2 years that i’ve been with the truck now we have visited quite a few truck stops, rest areas, travel centers, and pit stops along the way.  Not to mention the other 3 years I wasn’t with the truck and the amount of side visits its made in its overall journey. Taking that all into account, never has the truck been to a place like we went to on Saturday.IMG_20160521_123700

We made our way to the Maryland House Travel Center which is the #1 most visited travel center in America.  On any given weekend it hosts over 40,000 people and this weekend was no different.  Making our way to the front of the entrance was no small feet with people scattered everywhere Larry was able to use is expertise and round a corner even “Ellis the Lifer” didn’t think he could make.IMG_20160521_121811

After placing the truck in some prime real-estate for viewing, touching, gawking, and pure astonishment we were able to refocus our main goal which brought us to the Maryland House in the first place.  That was for the Trucking 4 Troops non profit organization which provided support and vehicle assistance for wounded vets supports wounded vets.  We all seem to have a little extra energy when we have such a great cause to get behind.  Two of the organizers for the nonprofit named John and George set their table up next to ours and we went full force.  I think we gathered more names on that singing board than we have ever had, and the amount of people that donated to their cause was astounding!IMG_0678

It was really nice to get to know both John and George and the help they provide for this charity.  Whenever we are helping out our Military it seems as if people tend to give that little extra bit of help, and they usually let us know their son or daughter is in the military serving.  This also adds to the energy of the event and always brings a smile to my face.  I’m happy that events like this really help solidify what we are really on the road for!

Spuds Studs signing out from Maryland!

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