#Potato Problems & #Tater Haters

getting two flat tires changed at the park.

Each week we share stories about our incredible adventures and the fabulous people we meet. This past week was no exception with events in Waynesville, NC and the Cincinnati, OH are our hosts made us feel right at home.

So this week I thought I’d share a little insight to the challanges that go with hauling a 6 ton potato around in case you ever have the inkling ­čśë First and foremost is PERMITS since our potato is built to scale it is a bit oversize width wise. For all you non truckers out there this means we have to apply for permits for every state, city, and sometimes counties that we drive in. Permits are fickle little things that vary widely from state to state full of fine print and restrictions. For example ‘if last Friday was a holiday you can’t travel the following Sunday.’ Lucky for us we have a great company that helps us with a lot of that.

Parking is no easy task either although our driver Paul makes squeezing into tight spots look like a breeze. We stay in hotels every night since the oversized potato can’t travel after dusk. Tyler does all that he can when booking the rooms, first he asks if the hotel had truck parking then he double checks using google’s satellite view. Even still we sometimes show up and can’t reasonably fit and have to search for another spot. In this case we usually ask a nearby business if we can use there lot, once they see what we’re driving they never say no ­čÖé

Whether it’s squeezing us into a completely booked mechanic like Terry’s North Coast Auto did or the local cops who often times block traffic for us to get out of a spot. The amazing thing about this truck is how strangers rally around to help us when we need have what we call #potatoproblems.


P.S. Your wondering about #taterhaters? That was a trick; No one hates potatoes!!

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