Prom, Parties & Potatoes


Hands down the best part of our job is the people we meet. This weekend was no exception. We had wonderful hosts who rallied to get us to their events. We started off in Fairless Hills, PA at the Pennsbury High School Prom Saturday. It becomes clear very quickly that Pennsbury is no ordinary prom. They have scored some major musical acts in previous years that include John Mayer and Maroon 5. And when it comes to decorating the parents and art students go all out. The entire school including multiple bathrooms and the cafeteria were transformed to depict this years theme “Night at the Museum”. When we got an early sneak peak of the school there was another group of teachers from the area bidding on the art and displays to reuse so they didn’t go to waste. Our part in the prom was getting to escort 17 kids in the parade to the red carpet.  Props to the girls who were able to climb up on the platform we built in their formals!

Bay Fest

That night we had to take off at 2:00 in the morning to make the drive into Brooklyn before 5:00 am (the only time oversize vehicles are permitted to enter and exit the city) to make our event at noon for Big Bay Fest. A really cool event that is helping to bring back the bay after the 2012 storm Sandy destroyed much of the area. I don’t think that I’ve ever met so many people from so many countries in such a short amount of time. We sampled food from all over the world and ended the night sharing an amazing Turkish dinner with our new friends the event volunteers. I love New York more and more everytime I visit.


We had to leave Brooklyn that night making our stay less than 24 hours to make it back to New Jersey for our original event at the NJM Insurance Company. We have done corporate events before but like all our event this week the folks at NJM went all out for their nearly 2000 on site employees. The cafeteria gave out a free melody of potatoes along with recipe cards, crossword puzzles and fun facts about heart healthy foods.  We had such a great time meeting people from all the departments and learning about the company’s 100 + year history.




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