Seacrest Studios & The Dublin Irish Festival

Jessica and Melissa with Ryan Seacrest at Seacrest Studios

This week on tour, we took our spud to Nashville, Tennessee! While we were there, we made a special stop at the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and we partnered up with Seacrest Studios! Partnering up with charities across America with a “Big Helping” is one of my favorite parts of the tour. It is so nice to give back to the communities we visit and make a differences in others lives! We donated to Seacrest Studios with a “Big Helping” signature board during our visit to the hospital. This is the second Seacrest Studio location that the Tater Team has visited on tour! We were so excited to be partnering up with such an amazing organization Upon our arrival, the Tater Team parked our supersized spud in front of the hospital, it was a perfect location because patients could even see it out of their windows! Then, the team and Laura, our tour director, went up to the Seacrest Studio for there interview! The Seacrest Studio is a studio in the middle of the Children’s Hospital where children can explore radio, television and social media and share their on-air talents! Many celebrity guests visit the studio and are interviewed by the Radio Host Mamie! The Seacrest Studio Nashville has had celebrities like Taylor Swift, Billy Ray Cyrus, and  Kelly Clarkson so it was an honor to be interviewed!

Jessica and Melissa with Ryan Seacrest at Seacrest Studios

The team was interviewed by Mamie and the interview was broadcasted to the rooms throughout the hospital. On the air, the Tater Team answered questions about The Big Idaho Potato Tour and life on the road! Then we read the book the “Enormous Potato” a book about a farmer who grew an enormous potato and how they got it out of the ground! After the interview, the team head on down to the potato truck to greet children and collect signatures for the “Big Helping” signature board! It was so nice to meet the children and bring some joy to their day! My hopes are that the Big Idaho Potato could take their mind off of their treatments and bring them some happiness and joy! We enjoyed our time spent at the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and we were so happy to spend time with the children! 

Feeling our spud!

After our time in Nashville, the Team drove to Dublin, Ohio for the Dublin Irish Festival! Our 4-ton tater was a BIG hit at the Irish fest! Festival-goers flocked to our spud to get their #spudselfie and get an Idaho® Potato pin to complete their Irish Festival look! There were a lot of Irish festivities at the Dublin Irish Fest! They had vendors and shows celebrating everything Irish! They even had Celtic games were athletes competed in traditional highland games! There was also live music throughout the entire venue! They had bands from all over the world in attendance and the Tater Team was able to meet members from “We Banjo 3” and “Red Hot Chili Pipers!” The Dublin Irish Fest shamROCKED and the Tater Team felt so lucky to be there!

The Tater Team with a pipe band.
The Team with We 3 Banjo!

The Tater Team is now in Butler, PA and the Big Idaho Potato Truck will be on display at the Butler Farm Show until Friday. Were so excited to show off our 4-ton Tater to the Butler community! Summer is flying by and the team is cherishing every day left on tour!

Thanks for reading, until next time!

-Tater Twin, Jessica


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