Tater Team Ready to Roll Out

After a grueling week of training and tests, the Tater Team has finally been approved for public interaction.  Their training involved a whole gambit of activities including truck safety, product knowledge, partner knowledge, media training, story telling, pull-ups, push-ups, the long jump, paper mache, and even water chugging (Kaiti outdid herself in this particular area).  In the end, and after many bathroom breaks, both the Idaho Potato Commission and the managing company, Foerstel, stamped their approval on the polished candidates.

This marked the start of a joyous day as all of those involved could now focus on the pressing matters to come, particularly, the Governor’s send off and ribbing cutting ceremony.  For one last time the Big Idaho Potato Truck and its oversized bounty will cast a shadow on the residents of Boise before embarking on its delicious and nutritious journey.  So make sure you come out and get your portion before it is gone, because once the truck departs the only thing that is certain will be the inevitably bad potato jokes and the tubular adventures that the crew is bound to encounter.


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