The Big Idaho Potato 2.0 is coming to a town near you!


This last week we were posted up in Boise for a little mid-tour break! Although we’ve had so much fun this year, it was great being back in Idaho with family and friends who we haven’t seen in a few months. We also got to see our tater family at the Idaho® Potato Commission’s annual golf tournament in Boise. Let’s just say the #tatertwins might need to keep our day jobs, but regardless we had a blast seeing everyone again!

The #TaterTwins at BanBury Golf Course!

Later that week, we held our Big Idaho® Potato 2.0 reveal party! If you haven’t already heard, there’s a new spud on the block! We held it at the Albertsons on Eagle and McMillan Roads in Boise to show it off to all of our fans. Everyone from the Idaho Potato Commission came to support as well as representatives from Albertsons Corporate and fellow Boise-ans. Frank Muir, CEO & President of IPC, kicked off the reveal with a few words about the history of the Big Idaho® Potato tour and of course our new spud to be revealed. After Frank’s presentation, we “un-veiled” the newest Big Idaho® Potato to a crowd of fan cheers and “ooo-ahhs”.

The new Big Idaho® Potato 2.0 ready to be revealed!
IPC employees in front of the new spud!

I was so excited to see our new “souped-up spud” and all of the new improvements. I have to say it was better than I ever imagined! Not only did the outside look amazing and more realistic than before, but the inside is so high-tech! Not only do we have air-conditioning and a new ventilation system in our spud, but there are interior lights and a door that opens with the touch of a button. The new potato is also made out of fiberglass instead of concrete! This will be more durable and make for a lighter load. It is also slimmer, and no longer 12 foot wide but 10 foot wide. We will still be considered an oversized load, but will have less restrictions and be able to go more places! Chris and Sharolyn from Schofield Design (the builders who also designed our original potato and the glow-tato for New Year’s Eve) really outdid themselves, and even added creative touches to the inside including an Idaho® Potato metal sign! We are so excited to show America our Big Idaho® Potato 2.0 so stay tuned!

Kaylee and Kiya Schofield at the Dairy Parade!

After our potato party, we headed to Tillamook, Oregon the next day! Tillamook is home to the famous Tillamook Creamery that produces everything dairy! The dairy industry is essential to the town’s economy, and this weekend was the 61st Annual June Dairy parade. Our spud was a BIG hit, and we jokingly told everyone that we were looking for some cheese to put on top! Our friends, the Schofields, also joined in as well and it was a dairy good old time! After the parade, we headed to the Tillamook Creamery for a photo-op and parked there the rest of the day. All and all it was a great visit!

The Big Idaho® Potato parked in front of Tillamook Creamery!

We are headed back to Boise for a few days off, and then will be on our way to Pocatello, SLC, and Las Vegas for the weekend! I can’t wait for the next half of this adventure with our Big Idaho® Potato 2.0!

Until next time Potato Peeps!


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