The Inventible Countdown

One of the main questions we get asked along the way is “How long do you guys do this for?” and our answer is “for seven and a half months and we have _______ to go!” I remember the first time I used this line and it went something like “we are on tour for seven and a half months and have about seven more months to go!” Back then, it seemed so long, but time has flown by! The team now has about 25 days 6 hours and 37 minutes (as of posting) before returning to Idaho! What happened during the last seven months and where can I sign up to do it again??

During my time at Boise State University, it seemed that 7 months would go painfully slow, between writing papers and studying for exam it seems that I could not get through a week, let alone a month before the I was asking when the school year was going to be over. Now, we will have completed just under the amount of time a school year would take and never would have guessed it! I suppose that is the difference between learning and doing something that is fun and having a blast!

It is quite easy to look back on the last six and half months and see the differences, especially with television interviews! The nature of the job, we do A LOT of television interviews and the other day I stumbled upon the first practice television interview myself and Kristie did during training and all I can say is “YIKES!” I am glad our bosses let us go on the road after that! Now interviews are second nature to us, and very few questions surprise us like they all did in our first one.

Five, ten, even twenty years from now I am excited to look back and see what else I continue to learn about myself from this tour. For now, I am going to enjoy the next 25 days and 6 hours!

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