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The voyage rolls on! The truck left behind a wake of smiling faces as it climbed the breathtaking Colorado mountains and rolled through Nebraska’s golden cornfields. The team was honored to get visits from a real life super hero, the infamous wings team, a modern day Evil Kenevil, a chivalrous astronaut, and a not so lucky encounter with a local bandit! To top off our week, the team was thrown into the heart of battle when several tornados decided to hit tornado alley! Little to say, The Famous Idaho Potato Team had and adventurous week.

Monday morning, 4/9, the team concluded its travels through Utah with one last event at Walmart in Price, Utah. To spice things up we filmed and unleashed our first video of “Spudkour”. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the “Parkour”, it is a series of jumps, flips, and climbing to get through or around various obstacles. While brainstorming for our debut video, we put two and two together and Spudkour was born!   If you have yet to see our mind-blowing creation, visit our Facebook page and see it for yourself!

Crossing the angelic continental divide, we landed ourselves in the charming town of Grand Junction, Colorado. The sun was warm and welcoming in front of City Markets, Tuesday morning. While mingling with the bewildered locals, none other than our very own Idaho super hero, Kent Beesley, flew in! Knowing he couldn’t escort us on our whole seven month voyage, he left each of us with bobble head replicas to watch over our journey. God speed Kent!


Our next day in Denver was not short of surprises! The King Soopers crowds were buzzing with excitement at seeing our unique 6 ton replica. When the Wings Team  (AKA Red Bull girls) heard of our presence they didn’t hesitate to squeeze a visit into their full schedule. Before departing they made sure our team had plenty of “hop in our step” by stocking us up with plenty of Red Bull to go around. Not five minutes later we were faced with our next big shot. A young Matt Hoffman whirled into the parking lot making a B-line for our giant spud. Accompanied with some small talk, he enlightened the team of some bike tricks he was more than capable of executing. With gears turning in our heads, we decided to test his skills! Kaiti crouched down, said her prayers, and closed her eyes!

We were surprised to find just how far the news of our visit had spread. Our jaws dropped when we found out word had reached the ears of a working astronaut. He arranged for a special trip home from his duties on the ‘’Spud-nik” and landed just outside the King Sooper’s parking lot. Still in uniform, the astronaut eagerly snapped some pictures and waved to local admirers.

After moving to our next event at Walmart, our tour was threatened to come to an end when a notorious Commerce City bandit set his sights on the Famous Idaho Potato. Determined to make off with our giant spud, the thief caused a panic among the admirers. Luckily, Officer Wayne Marrone was near when he heard the commotion. Jumping into action, the officer had the bandit obtained and cuffed before he could “peel” away.

Thanks to Officer Marrone we  were able to continue on to Nebraska! The locals of Lincoln and St. Blair were friendly and more than welcoming. Weather slowly began to  pick up Saturday afternoon as record breaking storms began to roll through the Midwest. On coming tornados were the talk of the town as the team started to prepare for its trek to Kansas City. Not fifteen minutes from our departure from St. Blair, we pulled into Omaha where we received the news that a storm was scheduled to hit in ten minutes and a tornado near the city was already in pursuit! Checking the news, Kansas City was the twister-infested storm’s next big target. Not wanting to end up in the land of Oz, we decided to bunker down in Omaha for the night.

On the road once again, we are heading to Kansas City! We have an exciting week ahead of us and look forward to meeting all of our fans in the Midwest! Keep a close eye out for our newest youtube videos shortly to come. Thanks for following!

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