The Luck of the Truck

This Sunday I wake up in my Denver hotel room, my heart is still overflowing with gratitude and hope. Yesterday we had the pleasure of working the Loveland, Colorado’s Relay for Life. If your not familiar, Relay for Life is a volunteer fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Teams take turns walking around a track for 48 hours.

The enthusiasm of the teams and organizers was contagious. It was hard to believe that any one of them could be battling cancer. In the opening ceremonies we we’re all touched when a beautiful 27 year old mother got up to speak about her fight with cancer.  She went through radiation while pregnant only to find that it had spread and had to go through it again. She was cancer free for a year but has recently found out it is back. In spite of all the suffering the support and joy for life was palpable during the survivor walk.

What’s interesting is how we got to this event in the first place.  A few weeks ago we we’re visiting the Big Texan in Amarillo. After the event Tyler and I went to go watch some music that was playing in the lounge. There were just two other tables of people when we arrived and one of them suggested that we all to sit together. There were a couple of locals and then there was Dale and Bernie from Colorado. We chatted and laughed for hours and through our conversation we discovered that Dale is on the survivors board for Relay for Life and her husband Bernie is a cancer survivor annnd it just so happened that we were going to be in Denver at the same time of the event annnnnnd the theme this year was BIG!

It always amazes me that sometimes things seem to just fall perfectly into place and thats what we call The Luck of the Truck.

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