The Xmas heard around the…um…Idaho


So the Big Idaho Potato Tour is finished with the 2016 tour, but we aren’t done yet. It’s no secret that we’re known to stay on the road longer than we’re supposed to and this year is no different.  Well…it is different…kind of.


We were invited to make a cross country tour of the Capitol Christmas Tree, much more like a cross country Parade. I don’t think we tried finding a marching band to go with us, but we’re close to the definition of Parade. We decided to go on the adventure to showcase two large iconic products of Idaho. Idaho is rich in agriculture, but we are even more so wealthy in National Forests. If you have never heard of a National Forest or don’t know what that means, you should look into it, because you too own part of them. The National Forests and wilderness areas are there for all of us to enjoy. Some of the major uses of our National Wilds are hunting, hiking, camping, fishing, and yes the harvesting of the National Capitol Christmas Tree.


Idaho was chosen for 2016, to provided this National Icon. The tree came from the Payette Forest just north of beautiful McCall Idaho. There is a little ski hill there known officially as The Little Ski Hill. This was one of about five trees which had a chance at being chosen and this was the one that was picked. You can find out more at which is their web site. (copy and paste. )


The Big Idaho Potato is traveling with the Christmas Tree which is being driven by the owner of Gary Amuth Trucking, aka Gar Bear. (You’re welcome Gary.) We just finished our Idaho tour which started in McCall Idaho and made its way around Idaho by first going south into Boise, then we toured north up to Moscow Idaho and south again from Missoula Montana into Idaho Falls. We visited many towns along the way, so it is difficult to list them each individually. Each stop along the way was special in that true down to earth Idaho way. We had everyone smiling at every stop and had beautiful weather to boot. Idaho is truly a gorgeous state and visiting it is always a treat. Getting a chance to tour it was great enough on its own, but throw in such wonderful people and it just becomes a once in a lifetime dream. I can’t express enough, how much I love this state nor how much I love these people. This was an election week, this first week of the tour, but most people kept all of that to themselves and just enjoyed their Tree and Potato. (This should be a new menu item at any cool restaurant.)

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We did have an incident early on with our lead vehicle getting hit, but the driver seems to be ok. We would like to wish Idaho State Patrol Officer # 488 all our best on her road to recovery. I wont go into any of the details, out of respect for both the Officer and the integrity of the investigation of the incident.

We do regret that we weren’t able to attend the event in Salmon Idaho, but the Big Idaho Potato Tour isn’t giving up on a future visit. We may get out there yet.


The Capitol Christmas Tree Tour is well underway now and we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves as Tree Stalkers. Please don’t tell the farmer what we’re doing, since it’s infinitely easier to find two trucks than one and thanks for reading. We hope you get a chance to see us before we have to leave them, which should be November 22 in Paducah Kentucky. (It turns out that Big Idaho Potatoes aren’t allowed to drive on Thanks Giving Holidays.)



LarBear, Driver/Ambassador

Aka #andLarry


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