We Offer Seconds, Sting Ray Takes Thirds

The Indy Pagoda and our Idaho Spud

Sting Ray Robb vs The “Brickyard


We Began our week with two film dedication days to make fun video’s with. (Look for future films from your favorite Stars.) 🙂 What entertainment doth await you? Your knowledge of such will come in due time. You might find yourself falling in love with the leading man. (well, ha ha…unless they can’t find him and have to use LarBear again.) We try to do as many video updates, Facebook Live’s, and Instastories as we can, without filling up the internets. (I think that’s a thing!?!)  The larger of our Video’s aren’t always easy to edit together…(so I’ve heard. <wink>) We do hope that you enjoy them and that when you do, you try and find time to share them. 🙂

This week’s end though was another visit (in a support role only…moral that is,) with Sting Ray Robb. This time we trekked out to Indianappolis, Indiana.  We got to bring the Big Idaho Potato Tour into view of the Indianapolis Raceway’s very own Pagoda. The Pagoda is an iconic structure of the Indy Raceway. It’s history dates back to 1913 as it was built, rebuilt, and improved upon several times all the way up to the year 2000. (Once it was merely too close to the track for the new speeds of cars.) For our Big Idaho Tater to be nestled close enough to the Pagoda was quite an Honor indeed. There were a few ways to get in and the first one offered, seemed like a perfect challenge to LarBear. It was supposed to have a 12 foot 4 inch path and LarBear thought he could make it with ease. Turns out someone’s math was off, because there was less than 2 inches play. Well, word has it that your favorite Idaho Spud got wedged…but…that’s not true. LarBear didn’t get stuck, he just couldn’t fit through. The Indy folks were awesome though and found another entrance. (That’s right, we got to drive onto the raceway track itself.) 😀

Sting Ray Robb had a tough first day and an equally tough qualifying race. It was also a bit of a distraction to him, having us there. (Sheepishly waves.) He got it done though. He maintained a great pace, kept his car on the track with both maintenance as well as skill. He also dodged and weaved the things he needed to dodge and weave to take third place. That’s third place from a 9th place start folks…Incredible feat for sure. He made it to the Podium for his first time, on his second year at the Brickyard. Sting Ray had a great Saturday in the ProMazda Series 6 race at the Indianapolis Speedway. (This was covered locally in Boise, on KTVB.) <KTVB interview LINK>


This was for all the marbles

The TaterTwins also thought it would be fun to Race the LarBear…oh, and Sting Ray. We each had just enough saved to pay for 2 races. We all went to the little Speedway and rented the fastest Go Carts they had. (That’s right, we threw caution to the wind.) I can’t remember how many times everyone passed me, but I was still doing my laps long after the place closed.  I didn’t really mind though, you know? I’m the driver of a Big Idaho Potato and not a race car. I really should be better at being safe, not fast.

The team had a great time, the Idaho Spud got some press for being allegedly stuck, and we got great news coverage of Kaylee and Sting Ray’s great interview. Sting Ray has one great videographer. All in all it was a terrific week. Hopefully those video’s make you all laugh, cry, and…hungry for Idaho Potatoes.

LarBear signing off.     o/

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