Wedding Bells to Gunshots


Okay, I know what you are thinking so I will set the record straight: this was NOT a shotgun wedding. And while it might have been tasty, er, hasty, we can’t pretend like we didn’t see it coming. I am talking about none other than the official marriage of steak and potatoes.  That’s right folks, jot down June 11, 2014, on your calendars as this is the day that the Big Idaho Potato Truck married the Omaha Steaks Truck. It is rumored that earlier in the week Frank Muir, the CEO of the Idaho Potato Commission, received a call requesting the trucks wheels in marriage. It was an easy decision and with his blessing, the wedding plans proceeded.


The day was beautiful and Omaha Steak’s people were chattering with delight. Our truck looked gorgeous with an XXXXXL veil draped lightly across her doors and a bouquet of flowers and spuds tucked neatly under her safety rail. The Omaha Steaks truck was as dashing as ever with a top hat big enough to fit the driver… the whole driver, not just his head. A master chef, who delivered creative and tasteful vows, led the ceremony, which was followed by the usual kissing, horn honking and windshield wiping. It should be noted that while this ceremony took place June 11, we encourage all of you to celebrate it everyday of the year.


Unfortunately the lovebirds were split apart just as quickly as they were brought together. The Big Idaho Potato Truck is a working-woman (apparently) and had to continue her calling of spreading spuds and cheer throughout the country. Our next stop: Deadwood, South Dakota.  This is where the gunshots come in. Deadwood is an old West mining town located in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. Legends such as Buffalo Bill, Calamity Jane, Potato Creek Johnny (yes he is real), and of course Wild Bill Hickock all left their marks on this historic city and can attest to the locales wild history.


The Big Idaho Potato was parked downtown in the middle of all the action: old west facades, old west shootouts, old country music and old dock dogs… wait what? Okay, so maybe the dock dogs weren’t really a ‘thing’ back in the day, but it was safe to say that this was collectively the team’s favorite part of Wild Bill Days. I even proclaimed it my new favorite sport, as never have I seen athletes with such a pure love for the game. Various breeds of puppies ‘competed’ (not that they knew that) in a long jump and speed retrieve competition. If you ever have the chance to witness this, do it. It is impressive.


During the day we got out the prize wheel and ended up giving away a lot of stuff. Apparently you have much better odds on our wheel than in any of the local casinos… and that’s probably why we don’t make the big bucks. But our riches were found in the Black Hills. It was the first time in awhile that the team has been up in the mountains and we sure did take full advantage.


I never thought I would say this but, “Boss, can we go back to South Dakota!?”


Ivan the Spud

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