20130916-161146.jpgEveryday we spend in the Northeast the more I fall in love with it. However we got off to a rocky start. Going through the Massachusetts toll way we got wedged between two toll booths and had to back out on the freeway and take the express lane instead. We turned the little incident into a facebook competition, people who like https://www.facebook.com/BigIdahoPotatoTour and use the hastag #wedged are eligible to win one of three toy trucks next Sunday.

We got back on the road headed to the Hasbro Headquarters in Pawtucket, RI where a giant Mr. Potato Head stands with open arms. There aren’t many people who have jobs as cool as ours but working with toys all day has got to be up there. Everyone in Rhode Island were so friendly and all the kids who came to see the potato really couldn’t have been more excited.

We’re in Portland, ME now to get a few cosmetic repairs done from the toll booth damage. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen yet. With the potato in the shop I had some free time to explore the city and neighboring islands. Tyler even carved out a couple hours from watching football to join me on a lobster boat Lucky Catch. It was awesome learning about lobster and fishing in general. But the real fun was bringing up the cages to see what was inside. Along with lobster there were several crabs and we did get a rare chance to see a female lobster with thousands of eggs on her belly. Not only did we catch the lobster but you got the choice to buy one at the end and take it to a restaurant nearby and have it cooked for you, which of course we did. Talk about fresh!

If that weren’t enough they also took us by the most photographed lighthouse in the world that George Washington himself signed off on the building plans. This city is filled with so much history and great food I’m afraid the boys are going to have to drag me away.


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