Winner! Winner!

(Read the following in a “carny” voice) Step right up! Don’t be shy! Try your hand at the spinning wheel of fortune or push your luck with the grueling bag toss! Give it your best shot!

You guessed it, the Famous Idaho Potato Tour has added yet another element of fun to their ambitious U.S tour. No public event of any shape or size is complete without spreading a little joy. With that in mind, the tour team knew what had to be done; some give-aways were a must! With a pinch of determination and a dash of creativity the Famous Idaho Potato Prize Wheel was born!! The pinwheel made it’s debut Tuesday morning and it was an instant hit. It took no more than ten minutes for the empty parking lot to be overwhelmed with fans eager to wrap their fingers around Idaho Potato swag!

The newest addition to our tour! The prize wheel!
Kaiti modeling just a handful of the newest treasures!
Everybody wants a piece of Idaho!














After three days of filling the city of Charlotte, North Carolina with Idaho Potato treasures the team was looking forward to reaching the Sunshine State! The trio was ready to take on any ferocious alligators or crazed turtles that Florida had to throw at them! Maybe they could divert them with an IPC baseball cap or Spuddy Buddy t-shirt?!

Good thing Spuddy is such a charmer. 😉


The Florida sun shined its warm (but sometimes overwhelming) rays down on the team as they planted themselves in Jacksonville for the weekend. If the potato hasn’t started baking yet, it has definitely started to now! Saturday morning a cheery Walmart shopper reminded the team just how much impact Meals on Wheels has on their recipients. “My aunt would literally not be alive today if it hadn’t been for Meals on Wheels,” the lady explained. A MOW volunteer arrived at a recipient’s house for a meal delivery only to wonder why the home bound senior was not responding to the door or phone. Feeling a tinge of worry, the volunteer contacted the neighborhood contact who assisted the senior in daily routines. The contact joined the volunteer at the house and entered the home to discover the senior laying in the hall way after suffering a stroke. They proceeded to get her the proper attention and help she needed. Just one more life saved by MOW. The team is very humbled to be helping out such a wonderful program and is being constantly reminded of the positive impact it has on the world.

Want to donate to Meals on Wheels? We got you covered!


Later that afternoon they got a visit from a very special somebody, Bill Savilonis! The squad was thrilled to meet the Retail Promotion Director for the IPC! The team is always looking forward to meeting the men behind the masks of this great tour! Bill was accompanied by his lovely fiancé and her charming family. They received the full royalty tour of the massive truck..there were even some potato admirers trying to follow the clan into the potato! Paul happily let the the three special little tots honk the ear throbbing horn of the big rig (which undoubtedly created a line of children all wanting to blow the horn)! After indulging the giddy the children, they packed up shop and called it a day!

We couldn't let Bill leave without a photo op!
A busy day in Jacksonville









Sunday- a day for rest and relaxation.. unless you’re Kaiti and Ellis! The two have big plans for their next tour video and plan on using this sunny day to capture their magic! When the two have finished filming for the day, they are going shark hunting! OK…more like shark tooth hunting. The zealous pair are heading to a local beach known for good tooth findings! Maybe this week you will see Kaiti rocking a new shark tooth bracelet or Ellis fashioning a (manly) shark tooth necklace? Lets all cross our fingers for good hunting!

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