All Star Potato Team




Well we just completed our first week in the road.  The Big Idaho Potato Truck has a new look and a new team and are headed back on the road for the 2014 tour. While you might notice some fun new additions to the truck like Spuddy Buddy showcasing some nutritional facts on the  back, we are still hauling around the same potato. Same goes for our team while it’s new working together we’ve all worked on separate tours. Larry has been the hometown, relief and test driver since we started. Ivan was part of the first tour team and I just wrapped up the last tour in November.

The first week was basically spent driving towards Kentuckey where we’re set to take part in the derby festivities.  We did fit in some fun roadside stops however. Like our visit to Albert the Bull in the tiny town of Audubon, Indiana. A 45 ton sculpture shaped like a bull, that was built 50 years ago in honor of the towns meat industry.

Ivan made a spreadsheet of TVs Guy Fieri diners, drive-ins  and dives in perpetration of our 5 month road trip. We had the pleasure of eating at several along our route.

We wrapped up the week just outside Cleveland, OH and spent a day at the Northern Haserot Food Show.  Food shows offer samples of all types of  produce, sauces, meats, seafood pretty much anything that would be found in grocery stores.  It gives grocers and restaurant owners the opportunity to taste test and place orders for the coming months.  It’s a pretty cool look inside the food industry. Taking inspiration from all the beautiful produce, we made a little video while we were there.



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