Shaking off the Dirt: Rejoining the Big Idaho Potato


After a great kick off event yesterday, I am happy to report that we have still got it. This year’s Tater Team is comprised of ‘misfits’ from the tour’s past two years and we were thrown back into the mix with hundreds of energetic elementary aged kids! These ‘Tots’ at Riverside Elementary School could not have been more excited to see the Big Idaho Potato and it showed by the way they swarmed the truck as well as our trusty mascots, Spuddy Buddy and Spuddy Beauty. Many of them even got the opportunity to grab some spotlight on local TV channels! Those who weren’t afforded this luxury seized the day as the little rascals photobombed every single interview that took place. Once we finished relaying our message of ‘stay in school and eat your potatoes’ we set off to the great city of Mountain Home and the neighboring Air Force Base to continue spreading the love and cheer that only a giant Idaho Potato can create.

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