An Irish Weekend in Dublin…Ohio



The Big Idaho Potato spent the last week of July at home with our families. We do consider the whole of the country to also be our families, but this particular week was spent with the parts of our families that actually get mad that we’re not always there. Hopefully the rest of our fan base misses us, wants to see us, but doesn’t become upset if we aren’t always around. (We like to be missed and love to be loved.) After the week back in Boise Idaho, we packed back up and headed out on the road. Next stop, Dublin Ohio for an Irish Festival.

IMG_20160805_211514 IMG_20160806_152206 IMG_20160806_200819

We always love show-casing our Big Idaho Spud, regardless of the event. That said, the Irish in me loves this last event just a “Wee Bit More,” than normal. Imagine if you will, a rather large spacious park filled with lots of men running around in kilts. Okay, okay, that was the weird part and not the part I should focus upon. (Keep in mind though, the official difference between wearing a kilt or a skirt is whether or not one is wearing undergarments.) The moral of such an idea is, “never lay around on a patch of grass at an Irish Festival, looking up…ever.” We made sure that people didn’t have to subject themselves to such nonsense though, with our giant tater. Lots of prizes were passed out and many people entered into our video contests. Admittedly though, some were only entering the contest with ideas that seemed “half baked‘. ­čśÇ

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The weather decided to behave in a most cordial manner, by giving us a spotty cloud type of weekend. Just when it seemed like it might be getting hot, one of the many clouds would cast it’s shadow upon you for a good five minute reprieve. It’s cooling shade was a savior for sure. Another savior for the Spud Studs and myself, was the awesome staff of the festival who stopped by continuously to make sure we had plenty of food, water, and ice. They were great hosts and certainly treated us well. We were set up near one of the music stages as well, so we had a full weekend of good Irish Rock. The sports arena was also set up next to us, but we didn’t get enough time to watch the fun. We didn’t mind the guests of course, since our fans are why we’re there.

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Yes it was a week of travel with a weekend of fun. This last week was filled to the brim and that’s just how we liked it. Remember to enter our video contests, as there may still be time to win $1000 bucks. Keep following us and we’ll keep on truckin’.


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