Food City Adventures in Tennessee and Virginia

The 2022 Tater Team in from of one of the many Food City locations

Hello again, everyone! It’s Willy a.k.a. #TinyTater back with another update on our 7 month potato odyssey across the nation!

This past week, we were able to spread potato love and joy through 5 different Food City locations across Tennessee and Virginia. All of the events went flawlessly and included a ton of smiles from the bustling crowd. We even met up with one of our lovely superfans, Danny Hunt, in one of the events!

Danny Hunt (blue hat) and the Tater Team!

4 of our 5 stops were located in Tennessee, which includes: Piney Flats, Bristol, Johnson City, and Blountville. The location in Virginia was in Abingdon, where we stayed during our few days in the area. 

Unfortunately, during our first night in Abingdon, we quickly found out that no Uber or Lyfts were available at our location. 

Thankfully, two young gentlemen admiring our 4-ton tater named Dalton Ratliff and Zackery Callahan gave us a lift, with complementary speakers blasting sweet country music, from the potato truck to the hotel- completely saving us from a half a mile trek with a bit of luggage. 

From the left, Zackery Callahan and Dalton Ratliff

During the weekend, we acquired a rental car for the NASCAR Bristol Dirt Race 2022 on Sunday evening. Where the concrete oval was transformed into a dirt track for the first time in 20 years! 

Our view from the NASCAR Bristol Dirt Race

The roars of the engines filled the arena, the dirt slowly rising from the track as the cars flew by added to the ambiance, and the crowd completed it all with their cheers and excitement! Although a bit of rain put a halt to the activities for a bit it was an amazing experience overall!

Tennessee and Virginia treated us well and we hope to come back next year! Stay tuned for next week’s update and in the meanwhile, stay safe and take care of each other!


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