Fun Uses For Your Idaho Potatoes… Other Than Eating Them


Idaho Potatoes. We’ve all had them and we all love them. No matter whether you slice, dice, mash, smash, bake, boil, sauté, fry or eat them raw, you know that this versatile vegetable is a staple of the American diet. But the incredible thing is that the tuber’s versatility extends well beyond the table. I know the concept sounds a bit blasphemous as that means you won’t be eating your Idaho Potatoes, but keep an open mind try a few of these out! (Hint: click the pictures and hyperlinks for more information)


Prevent rain/fog on your windshield, goggles and glasses; just cut and rub


Power a clock, no batteries required


Remove a broken light bulb from a socket

light bulb

Remove rust from stuff


Polish up that silverware; save your potato water for this one

potato water

Shine your shoes


Remove stains from clothing



Make roses (BONUS: add butter, cover with foil and bake for beautiful treats; click the picture below and learn from a pro how to create [skip to 2:15 for demonstration])


Cut out stamps

make potato stamps use

Decorate like a potato head (because real potatoes are the original gangstas)

decorating 2

Floral arrangement holder

floral arrangement


Reduce puffy eyes; step aside cucumbers


Create a hot or cold compress; due to a potato’s natural ability to retain heat you can warm them, wrap them and apply them to the desired area


Remove stains from your hands


Remove warts (whether or not you want to follow tradition by burying the other half of the potato is up to you; just make sure you don’t eat the one you used for rubbing)


Relieve minor burns

potato burn


Vodka (a more ‘hazardous’ way to ingest your potatoes)


Potato plastic packaging and utensils: now you can put your potatoes in potatoes and eat them with potatoes!


Desalinate your soups and stews: is your dish a little too salty? Drop in some sliced potatoes to absorb the salt.

potato stew

Shoot them… because why not? (sorry, no link here… we would never condone such reckless behavior 😉


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