The Irish and Potatoes: Keeping with tradition



In case you didn’t notice, the 2016 Big Idaho Potato Tour started a wee bit early this year. Instead of kicking off in April as per usual, we departed in March so that we could connect with our Irish brethren 2/3 of the way across the country. Yes it is just about time for St. Patrick’s Day and nowhere celebrates this festive holiday quite like Chicago.


It may have technically been the weekend before the big holiday but that didn’t stop anyone from coming out and celebrating. And boy… did Chicago show up. Every year the city kicks things off by pouring a batch of their proprietary liquid into the river and turning it into a magnificent Kelly Green. The event was quite spectacular and is a feat many other cities have attempted but failed to mimic. After that they had a huge parade that ran right down the center of two of the city’s most popular parks. Never have we seen such a mass of people! And we have been to a lot of parades. With all the green being worn, it was as if they had moved the green river to the park! The crowd was happy and rowdy, just like we like them and just as we would expect of people celebrating in typical Irish fashion… at 12 in the afternoon. 😉




We love going to Irish festivals because the roots of these incredible people and our incredible vegetable run deep. Most people have heard of the Irish Potato Famine but few probably understood just how vital the potato was during this time. The blight of the potato was devastating because roughly 40% of Ireland’s population was dependent on this cheap hardy vegetable for sustenance. Ireland was never quite the same.


Today the potato remains a staple in the diets of Irish and Irish-Americans alike. So to celebrate this beautiful bond that has withstood the test of time, I have compiled a list of fun Irish recipes that incorporate the Idaho potato! Some are traditional and some a fantastical twists on old favorites. Either way you should have no problem keeping tradition and integrating Idaho potatoes into your St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Just click the pictures below to navigate to the recipes.

Idaho Potato Irish Stew




Potato-Raisin Bread with Caraway




Shepherd’s Pie




Idaho Potato Irish Champ




Irish Colcannon with Spring Onions and Leeks




Potato and Vegetable Hash




Irish Potato Cabbage Soup with Bacon and Cheese



Boxty Potato Cakes with Cured Trout and Whiskey Horseradish Cream


You can find all of these recipes and more at:

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