It Takes a Village to Maintain a Potato


When we came up with this fun idea to build a 6-Ton Idaho® Potato, over 6 years ago, we didn’t even know where to start. I mean really…who builds 6-Ton potatoes? It’s not like you can order one up on Amazon or drive down to your local mart to pick one up but we managed to find a strong collective of people who could make this happen, right in our own Idaho backyard.

It’s now 6 years later and we’ve been so fortunate to have this dynamic team to keep the Big Idaho Potato Truck…ALIVE! (Almost sounds scary) We’d like to take a moment to personally thank all of the talented people who worked on enhancing and beautifying our Truck this year:

Schofield Design: Chris, Sharolyn and family…thank you for all of your creative genius in not only the creation of this wonderful Truck and Idaho Potato but in your continued vision for the enhancements that you make to it every year! You all are the best and we wouldn’t be here without you!

Western Trailer: This company that builds the nation’s most well-known trailers, go out of their way for us time and time again. From the initial design to create the custom trailer that carries our Idaho Potato all over the country to custom additions, they know how to do things right. This year they went above and beyond by lighting up the trailer and potato like it has never been before. Western Trailer Co. donated the Strobe Lights, LED spot lights and labor for the project to be completed. Thank you to these guys who had their hands in making us better:

The Western Trailer Team

Clint Whitehead- Director of Product Development (Overseer of all the Western Trailer greatness)

Gary Hyland– Account Manager (The God of coordinating everything for us at Western Trailer)

Allen Caviness– Service/Repair Division Manager, Western Trailer Co. (Allen directed the Service/Repair Department Shop Foreman on the scope of the project)

Todd Hobeck– Service/Repair Division Shop Foreman, Western Trailer Co. (Todd was the “hands on” guy who got the work done.)


Gregory Burk– Product Manager, ECCO (Greg donated LED Spot/Flood Lights)

Enders & Associates, Inc./ MAXIMA Lighting

Reed Miller– Sales Associate, Enders & Associates, Inc./ MAXIMA Lighting (Reed donated the LED strip lights for the ribbon sign to be lighted.)


Bev McGregor- Director, Kenworth (She is the jelly in our PBJ)

Kevin- Director, Maintenance (Our version of MacGyver)

United Metals/Hauling– (Our wheel polishing/dazzling guys)
Rod Ekart, Owner
Berry Prescott, Manager
We also have a huge “Thank You” that goes out to: David Lord- at Eagle1 Auto Body for repainting the big beautiful RED boxes!

We appreciate our small village!










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