Kentucky Derby Festival, Seacrest Studios, and Indy Grand Prix

Sting Ray Robb and The Tater Team at the Indianapolis Grand Prix

Hello, everyone! Willy here back with another update on our Idaho®  Potato Odyssey! 

We were in Louisville, Kentucky for a good amount of time for the Kentucky Derby Festival where we were able to participate in multiple events. One of them being the “Great Steamboat Race” where people couldn’t help but stop by and tell us that they have seen us on T.V. and that they can’t believe that they finally got to see it in person!

The Tater Team with the Idahoan Foods’ Bobby and Dan Enger of the Mashed in America Tour

The next day, we went out to have a collaboration with Idahoan at Madison Market Place in Madisonville, KY where so many folks were tickled with joy from seeing our 4-ton tater. 

The crowds’ tastebuds were also touched with the taste of Idahoan’s mashed potatoes in a cup, which everyone enjoyed! The store even had a huge sale on Idaho Potatoes, $1.98 for 10 pounds, for having both the Big Idaho® Potato Tour and Idahoan Foods’  Mashed in America Tour together!

Our “A Big Helping Program” also matched a dollar for every signature for the local “Breaking Bread Ministry.”

After a while, we headed out to “Seacrest Studios” inside the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where our team was broadcasted to all in the hospital. Our Tater Team played games, answered questions, and have a special guest on the show read “The Enormous Potato” book.  

We even had our own Kyle a.k.a. Spudicus sing a jolly song about potatoes! Our “A Big Helping Program” also donated a dollar for every signature to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital as well. 

Before Sting Ray Robb’s final race of the day where he won 3rd place!

Last but not least, we were in the Indianapolis Grand Prix to support our own Idaho grown Sting Ray Robb in his races where he placed 3rd twice in a row! Everyone in the Indy 500 vicinity who caught a glimpse of our giant potato couldn’t help but smile. 

Time really does fly by when you’re having fun and we can’t believe its already halfway through May. I’ll update you guys for more next time but in the meantime, stay safe and take care of yourselves and each other!


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