Southern Adventures & BBR!


Hello Tater Nation! It’s #SuperSpud Kaylee! It’s been a while, but I’m here to tell you we’ve been up to A LOT these past few months. I last left off on our visit to Athena, OR for the Caledonian Games in mid-July.

After Oregon, we headed south to California for a few stops at Mooyah Burgers, Fries, & Shakes! Mooyah is a franchise that serves hand-cut Idaho® potato fries. They are fry-tastic if I do say so myself! The locations we stopped at were Rocklin (outside of Sacramento), Sacramento, and Morgan Hill.

The #TaterTeam enjoying hand-cut Idaho® potato fries at Mooyah in Rocklin, CA!

The most memorable moment from those stops was in Sacramento when we got a surprise visit from the Sacramento Fire Department. They saw our #bigidahopotato driving by from a call and decided to stop for a photo-op. We thought they would pose with their truck like usual in front of our spud, but they had another idea in mind! Before we knew it, they took out their giant ladder and lowered it just above the potato. They figured it was the best way to get their photo on top of it! It was truly one of the most memorable moments and epic photoshoots I’ve ever done during my four years with this job!

Sacramento Fire Fighters posing on top of our spud!

Once we had our fill of California dreamin’, we decided to test our luck by hitting up Las Vegas, NV. We visited Jason’s Deli, who serve MASSIVE baked Idaho® potatoes! These loaded baked potatoes are what dreams are made of. The employees were absolutely amazing and very gracious that we stopped at their location. After Vegas, we continued east and visited two more Jason’s Deli locations in Albuquerque, NM, and Amarillo, TX.

Melissa and Kaylee with Jason’s Deli employees in Las Vegas!

By the end of July, it was time for me to take some time off and go to my annual family reunion in Washington state. Fortunately, our tour director/mama bear Laura could come down and be a part of the Tater Team for a week! They ventured to the Dallas area and visited four Mooyah Burger locations in Plano, Frisco, Prosper, and Colleyville. They even got to meet up with former team member #TaterTwin Jessica who now lives in Texas! It was a spud-cial time for sure!

A #spudfan in Amarillo, TX with his delicious Mooyah Burger!

After Texas, Melissa the #SpudRacer raced back to Idahome for the Braun Brothers Reunion in Challis. The Braun Brothers are four brothers who make up two bands; Reckless Kelly and Micky and the Motorcars. They grew up in Challis, ID, and are the sons of singer Muzzie Braun. They tour all across the nation but come back to where they grew up for an epic reunion show once a year! It’s a three-day music festival featuring other big names, including Ned LeDoux, Jeff Crosby, Jack Ingram, and more!

The #spudgirls with the Braun Brothers on top of our #bigidahopotato!

It was our first year at BBR, and it was so fun meeting people from all over the nation in Idaho! We also had a signature board during our event and collected signatures to donate to the Challis Ski Club. The highlight of our event was going up on stage on the last night of the event with Spuddy Buddy, the Tater Team, and the Braun Brothers! First, Muzzie Braun sang a song about Idaho Spuds while Spuddy Buddy danced along. Then, the Tater Team presented the full signature board to the Braun Brothers and announced that we would be making a $1,000 donation! The crowd went wild, and we were a huge hit! BBR was such a fantastic experience, and the Braun Brothers are genuinely some of the nicest people you would ever meet!

Spuddy Buddy with Muzzie Braun and fan backstage!
The stage at the Braun Brothers Reunion!

Thanks for reading Tater Nation! We have more adventures to be told and a lot of fun updates to come!

-Super Spud Kaylee


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